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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

So, it’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, and I want to celebrate by writing a letter to my son. Dear Little One, You spent two hours crying after you were born, but it meant you were here. I could finally hold you in my arms. The nurse brought you over, and said, “Here’s your son.” All I could say was, “He’s beautiful!” I didn’t sleep at … Read More Absolutely Incredible Kid Day


A Day at a Time

Lately, I’ve been feeling alone. My dreams seem so far away. My goals seem impossible. I have lost the contentment I thought possessed. Maybe it’s a mid-twenties thing. You know, when you thought you would be much further in life. Life is not easy. Nor is the feeling of discontent. Contentment. Not only being okay with what you have, but being happy and thankful. That’s … Read More A Day at a Time