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Capturing Snowfall

Hello! I thought I would put up a quick tip on how to capture snowfall. This isn’t the only way to catch the snow, so keep experimenting! First find something dark (trees, barn, etc.) to contrast the snow. Trying to photograph snowfall when your entire background is white will be frustrating. Second, decide on if you want to freeze (haha!) the snow or if … Read More Capturing Snowfall

Be Fearless

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! Here is a memory from high school that helped me jump start my business… It was my senior year in high school and I was auditioning for All-State Band. I had been practicing for weeks, but I wasn’t nervous. I had just come from taking the ACT, so it had been an eventful morning. I signed in, and then … Read More Be Fearless


Photography 101: Shutter Speed- A Low Light Technique

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is the second entry of my Photography 101 series. Today we are going to talk about Shutter Speed! You can have a lot of fun with shutter speed. This post is more focused on long shutter speeds with inanimate objects… for the most part. First we have to discuss what shutter speed does.


Photography 101: ISO

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! This is the first entry of my Photography 101 series. In Photography 101, we will learn how to use our cameras. What you need is a DSLR, your camera’s manual, and a can-do attitude. This series is for the beginner. I am also working on Photography 201, which is learning about light. Check back often for updates. … Read More Photography 101: ISO