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Challenging Fear

Currently I am redoing my work space. As I was shopping, I discovered a book and the title captured me. You see, I have been letting fear get in the way. It had started creeping into my business about a year ago. Lately it’s been hindering me so much that I decided to do something about it. Then I come across this book in the … Read More Challenging Fear


It’s The Small Things

I dream big. I see the finish line and want to get there as fast as possible. I want the best of everything right now. To quote one of my favorite commercials- “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works!” I have been reminded lately that the larger picture can only be accomplished by the smaller goals. When I say small, I mean … Read More It’s The Small Things


Celebrate Yourself Now

I want to photograph women. You, with your hair pulled backed in a messy bun and wearing yoga pants! I want to photograph you! You, drinking tea, getting ready for your morning workout. I want to show you how beautiful you are! You, building and running a business. I want to show you how wonderful you are! No matter where you are in life, celebrate it through photography. We … Read More Celebrate Yourself Now


Tulle, Fear, & Today’s Photo Shoot

I am very excited for today. So much so that I have been awake since 4:30 this morning. I have been preparing and thinking about what I want for today. Not going to lie. I am a little nervous. There is always that lingering thought of “Am I good enough? Will this work?” any time I venture into something new. No matter where you … Read More Tulle, Fear, & Today’s Photo Shoot


It All Started With a Duck…

When I was little, I loved chasing birds. I wanted to catch one so badly. Birds were just amazing in my eyes and I wanted to be their friend. Of course, running after them with a box trying to catch them probably wasn’t the best way to do so. I remember my dad smiling and laughing. His little girl thought she could catch a … Read More It All Started With a Duck…


We All Started Somewhere…

  Today, I want to go back in time to 2012. Springtime had turned the corner, and photography had just peaked my interest. Let’s go back to the beginning of my business, when all I had was a point and shoot (and occasionally my mom’s camera)… Now entering the DeLorean… I present to you a small collection of my first images as a photographer:   Back then, I … Read More We All Started Somewhere…

Just Put the Pillow on the Couch

I know. Odd title, right? Well, here’s the story. Carrie and I were watching Captain America and my son was jumping on the couch, which then caused a pillow to fall on the floor. I instructed him to pick up the pillow and place it on the couch. In all his toddlerness, he refused to do so. Crying, screaming, falling to the floor as … Read More Just Put the Pillow on the Couch


I have a family, a business, and the disorganization that comes with both. I read my favorite photographer’s blogs and admire their work as well as their organization skills. They have it all together. Beautiful studios, beautiful work, and have so much knowledge. My dream is to have a beautiful home, with a dedicated room for everything. An office, a playroom, a home studio, etc. … Read More Journey

Bridal Bliss 2016

Hello! Last week I was a part of a great bridal show called the Bridal Bliss Evening Classic. This took place in the beautiful Campbell House in Lexington, KY. I met many brides and it was a great evening! It lasted three hours, but felt like no time at all! I also met some great and kind vendors and was able to get my name out … Read More Bridal Bliss 2016