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3 Tips to Look Great in Photos

Hello! A bride always wants to look amazing in her wedding photos. The single most important way to do that is by proper posing. No, really. You can the most exquisite gown, professional makeup and hair, and the finest jewelry available. None of it will matter if you are not posed properly. Your photographer will have quite a few tricks to help you, but here … Read More 3 Tips to Look Great in Photos

How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

Hello! Want to know how to get the best wedding photos? Here are a few tips. Find Your Dream Photographer– This is number one because it makes all the difference. You will not like your wedding photos if you are not impressed by your photographer’s portfolio. Be sure you like their style and personality. Click here for more advice on this topic. Make a Shot List– … Read More How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

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How Choosing Your Wedding Photographer is A Lot Like Dating

Are you about to dive into the beautiful and stressful world of wedding planning? I hope I can make the process just a little bit easier. Choosing your wedding photographer is a lot like dating. You don’t want to hire someone with whom you don’t get along. Have you ever been on a horrible date? All the signs are the same. Here we go…