Okay, this past week has been a little hectic, which is why I am so behind on my posts. On Saturday, I photographed an extremely fun wedding! Sunday we had to spend our time packing and moving. Monday we went to our storage unit, only to find many of our things covered in mold thanks to a leak in the roof. Our couch and chair are ruined. 

We haven’t had the chance to go through everything yet. We took what we really needed out of storage, and left the rest to deal with later. Tuesday, I got to celebrate Friend’s birthday! I also came down with a fever. So, I have been sick most of the week. I am happy to say that I am down to 215.8 pounds! It’s mainly because I have had no appetite for the past few days, though. Everything tastes bland. While I am still fighting a cough, I am starting to feel much better.

So, something that this mold issue may allow us to do more easily is become minimalists. I probably won’t go extreme, but I do like the thought of having less and being content. Less to clean, less to care for, less money spent on material things. I have been wanting to start for a while but have always found it hard to let go of things.

So, that has been my week, and am down another 4+ pounds. My goal weight for next Friday is 210. Here are my weekly goals:

  1. Go to the dog park every day.
  2. No fast food.
  3. Find a free activity to do that gets me active.

    My favorite meal from this past week was Chicken Soba, which I had for Friend’s birthday dinner! Delish! My failures this week I am blaming on the flu.

    So, here is to another week, and hopefully it will be filled with better health and new adventures! Don’t forget to check out Deanna’s journey!

    -Kristen D.

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