Hello, all photography enthusiasts! I do hope you are having a wonderful day! Today I want to help you follow your dreams. What is it going to take to become a photographer? Here are a few things:

  • Knowledge
  • Initiative
  • Drive
  • Creativity

Over the next few weeks, I will be addressing what it will take to become a photographer. Not the business side… yet. Simply what it takes to create AMAZING photos. Notice how I listed Knowledge first. Knowledge is powerful. You need to know many things to be a photographer. Like…

  1. How to work the camera.
  2. The difference between lenses.
  3. How to use light and shadow.
  4. How to compose a photograph.
  5. How to pose subjects.

And so much more. So, I declare hump day as Workshop Wednesday! Next week we will be discussing light and shadow! This subject will go over a few posts, so don’t forget to check back every Wednesday!

-Kristen D.

2 Comments on “What Does It Take to Be a Photographer?

  1. Im new to the somerset ky area and was curious on some outdoor locations you use for families and such when it comes to portrait photography. Im looking to take my son but i don’t know the area. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also, i adore you’re Work! I’m no professional, photography is Kay a hobby of mine, but i love improving and i love your blog


    • Aww! Thanks, Ashley! You can try Pulaski County Park which has lots of trees and is on the lake. There is also a small garden area by the public library. Bear Wallow Farm is good, too! Thanks so much for your comment! Photography is so much fun! Keep shooting!


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