Okay, so this summer has been amazing! Every Saturday was booked and some weekends I’ve worked two weddings. God provides! I am so thankful. So here is an update on what I have been doing other than weddings…

Teaching myself Spanish. I remember loving Spanish in high school, but I took it my senior year and didn’t get a chance to really dig into the language. College waved my language requirement because music majors have a TON of classes and practicing on their plates. So now I am teaching myself. Here is how…

  1. I have an amazing app called Learn Spanish Words Free (I know, so fancy) that has 10,000 words and phrases. It teaches you 14 common Spanish words at a time. To test you, it will say the english word and you have to choose from multiple choice or spell it in Spanish. It will also say the Spanish word and you have to select the english translation. This is helping me with my vocabulary.
  2. I am watching movies made in Latin America and listening to radio stations in Spanish. I watch the movies with Spanish subtitles. This is helping me with grammar, understanding pronunciation, and slang.
  3. I research and write a lot. I have a list of 100 most common verbs written in my notebook that I am currently memorizing. Then I need to memorize the conjugations. I pretty cool language hack is saying Voy a…. for I’m going. The infinitive form of Spanish verbs translates “to verb“. Example: comer- to eat. I can simply say “Voy a comer.” for “I’m going to eat.” No conjugations needed!

My next step is to start reading some books written in Spanish. So, hopefully I will be able to carry on a conversation soon. We will see!

Coming up this week: The Big Fake Wedding Bridal Show! Tune in tomorrow for some details!!!

-Kristen D.



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