Today, I want to go back in time to 2012. Springtime had turned the corner, and photography had just peaked my interest. Let’s go back to the beginning of my business, when all I had was a point and shoot (and occasionally my mom’s camera)…

Now entering the DeLorean…

I present to you a small collection of my first images as a photographer:


Back then, I was super proud of these images. Looking at these now, I wonder what I was thinking. Oversaturated, too high contrast, and talk about tilt! But you know what? I will never go back and change them. This is the beginning of my journey. This stands as a testament of how far I’ve come. This is a reminder of the experimentation and hard work I put forth to hone my skills. Now I am creating images like these…

Time and practice make a difference. So, let’s help each other. Let’s guide each other. Let’s build each other up. Remember, we all started somewhere.

Come with me on my journey to building my portraiture business. Follow me on Instagram: @studiolexington

-Kristen D.


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