I was waiting to meet someone at a local tourist spot in Kentucky. I had my camera with me. I needed to take a couple of test shots and asked a man to be my subject. I took a couple of photos of him, and I was satisfied with the light.

“Her’s turned out great!” A man named Frank was behind me and noticed my photos on the LCD screen of my camera. He came over and asked me what my settings were. I told him and noticed he was in a different mode than me. We started talking about manual mode and ended up talking about white balance.

“My pictures come out really orange sometimes.” I showed him a few tricks to fix his white balance in different situations. By the end of our talk he said, “It was nice to meet you. Thanks for the lesson.” I shook his hand and he went with his tour group while I continued waiting.

I was taken aback by the word ‘lesson’. I didn’t really think of our conversation as a lesson. I have taught flute lessons and taught color guard for years. This didn’t feel like a teaching experience. It felt like a fun conversation with a fellow photographer. He was right, though. I was able to teach him something new. It was really cool.

I am now inspired to teach a beginning photography class. I have no idea when or where. However, I am confident it will happen this summer, maybe even spring. Stay tuned for some upcoming classes!

-Kristen D.

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