Last week I was a part of a great bridal show called the Bridal Bliss Evening Classic. This took place in the beautiful Campbell House in Lexington, KY. I met many brides and it was a great evening! It lasted three hours, but felt like no time at all! I also met some great and kind vendors and was able to get my name out there as a premiering wedding photographer for Kentucky.

For those of you who do not know, I have been in Alabama for the past year and a half. I have built a great business in Alabama, but am now moving back to Kentucky. (Cue “My Old Kentucky Home”!) Although my time there was wonderful and I made some amazing friends, I have greatly missed Kentucky and am excited to meet bluegrass brides!

I have a hurdle in front of me, though. I have to build up my name in Kentucky. The Bridal Bliss Classic was a great first step. I will be brainstorming and writing about my ventures on my blog. Stay tuned! Until then, enjoy this short video of my display for the bridal show!


Kristen D.

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