I thought I would put up a quick tip on how to capture snowfall. This isn’t the only way to catch the snow, so keep experimenting!

First find something dark (trees, barn, etc.) to contrast the snow. Trying to photograph snowfall when your entire background is white will be frustrating. Second, decide on if you want to freeze (haha!) the snow or if you want to show motion. You will have to adjust your settings.

I didn’t want to get out into the snow, so I went to the backdoor and shot through the window towards a tree.


I think we can agree that there is nothing awesome about the image above. If you are focusing on the tree, that will happen. There is so much detail in the tree that it distracts you from the little snow you can actually see falling. If the tree is your subject, go for it! However, I want to showcase the snowflakes.


Instead of focusing on the tree, I focus about four to five feet in front of me. This makes the tree more of a backdrop, and I get the really awesome snowflakes in midair. My settings for this: 1/800 shutter speed, 1.8 f-stop, and 100 ISO. If you want to capture more motion, please look below.


This is great if you want to show the motion. The previous photo is more peaceful, and this seems more hectic. It simply depends on what you want the viewer to feel and experience. My settings for this: 1/100 shutter speed, 3.5 f-stop, 100 ISO.

Thanks for reading! Don’t be afraid of shooting in the snow! DO be safe out there!!!

-Kristen D.


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