This session is really special to me. Beth and I have been friends since birth. We were neighbors until I was five, and my family moved away. I would go back and spend whole summers at her house. When I got the news that she was engaged, I knew we had to do a bridal session!

Beth and I went to the Bodley-Bullock House in downtown Lexington for her Bridal Session. The owner was incredibly kind to our needs and time frame. I would love to photograph there again someday.

The first room we worked in was this large red drawing room. There was this antique piano that I had to have her sit and “play”.


This is definitely my favorite one out of all the ones we took of her on the stairs. There wasn’t much natural light, so I experimented with my flash which was at the top of the first landing. This included running up and down the stairs to reposition the light and scrim. *Ahem- Now hiring an assistant!*


Next we did my FAVORITE lighting- window light.


After the Bodley-Bullock House, we went right down the street to Gratz Park. Gratz is a beautiful park in the heart of downtown Lexington and is surrounded by historic homes!


I hope you enjoyed Beth’s Bridal Session! Tell me your favorites below!

-Kristen D.

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