Thanks for coming to my blog! I have an Ever After Session coming up this Saturday! I am crazy excited!!! What’s an Ever After Session? I’m so happy you asked!

There are two categories of Ever After Sessions. One is a photo session much like an engagement session, but in wedded bliss! It can be like the classic e-session, but can also be more personal by photographing the newlyweds in their new home together. How fun would it be to photograph newlyweds moving into their new home!? I would love to getĀ portraits of them in the completely empty house, and photograph them building their life one box at a time. I’m game. Let me know if you love this idea, because I do!

The second category of Ever After Sessions looks like the wedding day. This is what is happening this Saturday! The Bride and Groom from my wedding in July are getting back into their wedding attire to have a fun session on the beach! We scheduled this after the wedding to take some unique portraits that we were unable to get on the wedding day. How unique? You will just have to wait and see! Come back and look next Monday for the photos!

Also, check out my website at www.kristendphotography.com!

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