My sister-in-law has a birthday today! We have been friends since college and we married brothers. So, we became sisters!!! How awesome is that?

We always call each other ‘Friend’. Whenever we call each other by our names it sounds odd. It’s just not us.

Today we are celebrating her birthday! In her honor, I baked a cake. I like to bake… a lot. My husband cooks and I bake. It’s a great mix!


I am writing about Friend because she helped push me to move forward with wedding photography. One day we were discussing how I wanted to photograph weddings. I had been photographing babies, families, children, but I really wanted to do weddings.

After listening to me and my whole list of concerns about getting started, she looked at me and said, “You need to stop selling yourself short. Just do it.”

So simple, blunt, and exactly what I needed. That’s a mark of a true friend. Someone who will bluntly tell you what you need to hear in the love of friendship. Just a couple months after that conversation I had booked my first wedding and had multiple inquiries!


Here are a few concerns I had…

1. I didn’t have enough experience in weddings.
2. In order to get clients, I needed to charge crazy low, but knew I couldn’t afford to.
3. I didn’t have enough equipment.

Each one of those concerns were done away with once Friend pushed me. I second shot weddings to gain some experience. I sat down and decided what I would charge based on my time, skill, equipment, and what I offer in each package. Brides inquired about me. I started booking. I bought equipment once I booked. Thank goodness I did! My first wedding had a power failure that lasted the entire evening. Their first dance was done by acoustic guitar and I had a video light that gave me enough light to focus and capture those precious moments.

If it wasn’t for Friend it would have never happened. Happy Birthday, Friend! I love you!


Kristen D.

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