Here is my first post that I am rewriting because I switched blogs. This is Jordan and Gray’s wedding. Here is the story…

I get to the venue, The Peacock House, and start photographing some details. The rain is falling, but nothing too harsh. The sky clears up for a few hours prior to the ceremony and it’s beautiful outside. Then, the radar shows a huge red circle heading straight for us. We had about an hour.

The ceremony doesn’t start for another hour. So, it gets moved up 30 minutes. The ceremony goes smoothly, but quickly, and we all get inside when the rain starts trickling. That trickle became a monstrous storm. Rain is crashing into the windows, we hear the roar of the wind against the house. I looked out the window, and I could see only water pouring down the glass. Then everything turns dark! A power failure!ย After a few more moments of everyone huddled together in the house, the rain subsides. We open the door, and a tree had fallen right in front of the opening. Guests start to go check their cars for damage. The power will not return for the rest of the evening. Did I mention this was my very first wedding as the Main and ONLY photographer? What a way to start!

Through it all, the bride and groom didn’t let it stand in their way. They still managed, through all of the chaos, to celebrate their love with family and friends. Such a great couple, and a memorable wedding! I hope you enjoy these photographs from Jordan and Gray’s wedding.

Thanks for reading! Let me know which are your favorites! – Kristen

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