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Are you about to dive into the beautiful and stressful world of wedding planning? I hope I can make the process just a little bit easier. Choosing your wedding photographer is a lot like dating. You don’t want to hire someone with whom you don’t get along. Have you ever been on an unpleasant date? All the signs are the same. Here we go…

  1. Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy. Okay, if you are interviewing the photographer and he is really nice to you, but then turns to the waitress and is completely rude, you need to find another photographer. The last thing you want on your wedding day are complaints of your photographer being rude to your guests. Instead, find a photographer who is pleasant to everyone. It’s a great quality for anyone to have. Especially when they will have to be an authority in some situations on your wedding day.
  2. Mr. White Lies. You’ve probably dated someone who stretched the truth before. That someone who put on a facade to impress you may actually be a nice person, but little white lies are a red flag when searching for a photographer. In the photography world, the facade is usually tied in with plagiarism. This happens mainly with photographers who are just starting out, and want to get clients, but have no portfolio. So they go onto another website of a successful photographer and steal their images. So, my advice is to ask them to bring an album of a wedding they have done recently. Maybe even two, just so you can get a good idea about the quality of their work. If they deny this request without good reason, then it is time to look elsewhere.
  3. Mr. All-About-Me. You know the date who talks about himself… a lot? Yeah, that’s another red flag when choosing a photographer. This is the photographer who only goes over what he offers, and isn’t really interested in YOU and what you like. He will spend most of the time talking prices and sales. Look for a photographer who gets excited about your wedding.
  4. Mr. Nice Guy. This photographer is nice, and has a good portfolio, and takes interest in you and your wedding. However, just like not every nice guy is the one for you, this photographer and you just aren’t clicking. That is okay! There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  5. The One. You’ve already found “The One”. You are about to get married to him. You obviously don’t marry your photographer, but he or she will be with you much more than most wedding vendors. This is the photographer whom’s company you enjoy. You can laugh and talk about aspects of your wedding like you are speaking with a friend.

In summary, you want to hire someone who you enjoy being around. The photographer will be with you all day and is continuously interacting with you and your bridal party, family, and guests. Be sure the photographer clicks- pun intended. 🙂

Thank you for reading! I will be posting some photography tutorials in the near future! Come back soon! – Kristen

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